Tarion Warranty

No Charge for your Test Kit!  In the event your home has elevated levels of Radon and we preform the Mitigation, we will refund you the cost of the initial testing.

The only way to tell if you and your family is exposed to high levels of Radon is to test your home.

If your home is less than 7 years old and covered under the Tarion warranty there may be no cost for Mitigation of Radon Gas from your home.


Radon - A Silent Danger In Your Home?  (Source - Tarion Warranty) See link below.

TORONTO — Nov 13, 2018: Many homeowners understand that a build-up of carbon monoxide can be dangerous but few know about another invisible gas that may also pose a risk. As part of National Radon Action Month, Tarion Warranty Corporation is helping homeowners understand the facts about radon and how to protect their homes.
Here are five basic facts all homeowners should know about radon:

  1. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the soil and is found in almost all homes in Canada. Concentration levels can vary widely from area to area and even between homes in the same neighbourhood.
  2. With proper ventilation, radon will dissipate causing no problems at all. Unfortunately, enclosed spaces without good airflow – such as basements, crawlspaces – can develop dangerously high radon levels when the gas becomes trapped.
  3. Radon is measured in units called ‘becquerels’ and Health Canada has set 200 becquerels per cubic metre as the safe limit for radon in a home.
  4. An estimated 7% of homes in Ontario have radon levels higher than Health Canada’s safety standard and 25% above the world health organization.
  5. Radon is not the result of a defect in the way a home is constructed. There is no way to determine if radon is going to be a problem before a home is built.

“The only way to determine if a home has excessive radon levels is to test,” says Siloni Waraich, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement. “You can either use a do-it-yourself radon test kit or hire a radon measurement and mitigation professional, both should be certified through the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program.”

New homes in Ontario are covered for excessive radon for seven years under the new home warranty.

To learn more about radon, homeowners can visit Tarion.com or watch the video Radon 

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Radon levels have no correlation to the age of the building, construction type or kind of basement floor. What we hear from most customers is “there’s no uranium here so I really don’t see the point of being concerned.” In reality there are very high levels of radon scattered through out Ontario – as the glaciers melted they dropped uranium rich boulders, rocks, pebbles and soil which they had carried down from northern ontario and dropped them all over the country. You may unknowingly be exposed to high (cancer causing) radon levels.

Since there is no real predictor of high radon levels, the only way to know is to TEST.


The Mitigation process is very involved but is typically completed in one day with little disturbance to the occupants.

After your home or building has been tested we will visit the property and discuss the mitigation plan and give you an onsite no obligation quote.