#1 Customer Question.....Is there a guarantee your radon system will work?

100% We stand behind our work! If the Radon mitigation system does not reduce the levels below the Canadian standard we will correct it at no cost or give you your money back.


To put Radon into perspective, exposure to 400 Bq/M3 (Becquerels) of radon for 8 hours is considered by radiation scientists to be equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.  We encourage everyone to test their homes, schools and workplaces for radon. This is a deadly form of cancer which is totally preventable.” Source- Lung Cancer Canada

Canadian Radon limit is 200Bq/M3 (Becquerels) and the World Health Oranization is 100Bq/M3 but..... there is no safe limit of Radon exposer.


More lives are lost in Canada from Radon exposure (3200) than from Car Accidents (1898), Carbon Monoxide (300) and House Fires (109) combined.

Source- Government of Canada

Now that you have seen some of the numbers, the good news is, there is solution to fix your home from high Radon levels.  Feel free to contact me for a no obligation onsite visit.  Rick  519-572-7896 Read more about the History of Radon


Is a Radioactive Carcinogen that causes Lung Cancer. You cannot smell, taste or feel Radon.

Radon is the #1 cause of Lung Cancer in Non-smokers and #2 in smokers.

No Charge for your Test Kit!  If your home shows no levels of Radon we will refund your full purchase price.  In the event your home has elevated levels of Radon and we preform the Mitigation, we will refund you the cost of the initial testing.

Have a home less than 7 years old? Radon Mitigation may be covered by your Tarion Warranty.


How Much Does it Cost to Fix My House?